Für einen Kurs habe ich in einer Gruppe ein Betriebssystem designed. Wobei die Animation bei mir lag.

Folgende Stichpunkte waren von Bedeutung:

Our Operating-System

  • Fully custamisable -> everything can be turned on/off
  • Cross plattform (apps/contacts/…)
  • Cross devices (operating system for all devices)
  • Multiple desktop
  • Basic/flat/simple desgin
  • Swiping desktops
  • (sync feature -> account)
  • Custamisable toolbars (1-4) -> appbar
  • Windows-button -> centered toolbar (control center)
  • Siri for desktop?
  • Social media intergration?
  • Left-handed feature (mirrored)
  • Enable/disable web search
  • Camera swipes windows
  • Sound effects (on/off/individualise)
  • Notification Center for Social Media and Mail
  • Other device detected -> new Window on latptop appears (swiping)
  • Remote Control/Voice Control
  • Automatic light adjustment
  • WiFi/Bluetooth Connection

Discussion in course

  • Universal operating software
    • Two components
      • External server (size depends on Home computer apps user preference)
      • Updates automatically, fixes bugs
  • Left-hand settings for interface
    • Does it exist?
    • What are the advantages?
  • Privacy issues
  • Using remote desktop accessibility to continue work on multiple devices
  • No firewall needed
  • Programs updated automatically
  • Working offline to protect private work